moderating information

I was talking to this product distributor who kept mentioning how great their product was. 

I know. I was specifically requested to open an account with your company. Don’t need to drive the hard sell on me anymore—it is not like we toss darts at a board of brands and let the winners duel it out in the gauntlet. We like your stuff and as long as it doesn’t come torn to shreds and upholds the quality image, there is not much coercion needed for this new relationship.

But that’d be quite rude to blatantly say so, right? Even with good intentions. So out of a twenty-minute conversation, half was basically a sales pitch to me with my low-range grunts of acknowledgement interjecting every thirty seconds. I gotta think it was management that set some policy to push for insincere assertiveness. That might work in person but not a phone call when I am engaged by nothing on my end and all quantitative noise on the other.