moderating information

Sometimes dealing with these large brands reminds me of those popular kids in high school ignoring the rest of the student body. Unless they needed your vote, then it’s a cozy chat and hey…what’s your name again? Sleaze.

Individuals matter. In this case, small businesses, especially one that is basically easy guaranteed money no matter how you look at it. It is nice to sell more to a national retailer but most people want a local place to shop at, test out, see and touch and interact with an establishment that says as long as we stay open, your own dreams of entrepreneurship and independence are still possible. Embodiment of their own fiduciary dreams one day. They likely currently work for a corporation and hate it, dreading the hierarchal game of favorites and deceptive ploys to step over one another—such a thing doesn’t exist in a shop run by one person with no one else do self-deprecate but himself.

I hope you take the same amount of time to reply when it is time to collect due bills. At least then I know this potential business relationship is not based solely on money but rather some general incompetence or indifference. I am sure no one has ever felt worse when they were told to expect a delayed response with sincere apologies beforehand. Plenty of people hate it when they hear nothing at all for weeks, as if they weren’t important enough to even warrant a dozen characters fired off in seconds.